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Who are we?

We are passionate IT & advertising specialists, with a strong focus on local shops, store chains, SME’s, courier companies & logistics service providers. iButler supports the important role shops and couriers play in their neighbourhood and region.

We like to work with companies that continuously want to improve their customer relationships. Investing in an efficient conduct of business via iButler will save you costs and time. This will result in guaranteed more profit and less stress! Our teams strive to serve you in a flexible, independent and confidential way.

What can we do for you?

We offer different products and services which our customers use to stimulate sales, offer more and improved customer service and save (labour) costs.

  • Responsive websites & webshops
  • Mobile applications
  • Sales / POS systems & touchscreens
  • Digital Signage & business model
  • E-mail marketing and advertisement via Google
  • Deliveries to customers

Logistics Services Providers:

  • Courier Management System (CMS)
  • Mobile Handhelds

We offer you solutions both on hardware as in the Cloud plus linked tools on the basis of low fixed costs. Change your data anytime, anywhere without additional costs. You will be supported quickly and if needed we’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest trends.

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