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iButler Group consists of a number of innovative companies with Headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. They possibly are the biggest supporters of local shopping and local deliveries. We offer quality solutions and linked tools which offer real added value to your customers. This all based on advice on the latest developments and how you can as an entrepreneur follow the latest trends without losing too much time.

What do you expect from an IT solution? Would you like to inform consumers about your products & services? Or would you like to increase the number of orders while optimizing your order processing? Based on your answer we will provide you with the best possible solutions.

We support entrepreneurs who would like to improve their business activities in a sustainable way. You can contact us via several channels

How will we support you?

Based on the type of company and the ideas of the entrepreneur we offer solutions and linked tools which allow you to have an even better relationship with your current customers. But it will also allow you to contact new customers. With the smart solutions of iButler you will offer excellent services to your customers:

  • Online and mobile orders and/or reservations
  • Smart automated sales and administration system allowing you to save (labour) costs
  • Advertisement system offering an additional income
  • Links to other IT solutions and platforms
  • Social media integration

We would love to cooperate/work with you and listen to your ideas and experience in order to develop the right solutions for you in the rapidly changing internet, mobile & advertisement markets.



sales increased

with 20% in 2012

Source: yStats.com

23 million

Internet users

in Benelux

in 2012

Source: yStats.com

iButler group

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Smart all-in-1 responsive webshops & POS systems for shops and chain stores. Our customers are selling more with less costs & stress by offering the right mix of sales channels. Click here here for more information.


Logistics IT platform organizing deliveries from shops to consumers. Have your groceries delivered at the moment you are at home! Click here here for more information.


Smart software & mobile solutions for courier companies & logistics service providers. CMS system offers optimal insight in operational activities: automated invoicing, planning and Track&Trace. Click here here for more information.


User friendly order system for daily lunches and catering for companies and employees at local sandwich bars & restaurants. Payment methods based on the needs of the company and automated reminders for employees. Click here here for more information.

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